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Join our Bird Dog Program!





Get Paid 2 Find Homes



Start making great money now as a vacant/distressed house hunter!  We will pay you to

find them.  This where people can make great money, in their spare time, on their own

schedule with no strings attached.


We are a group of private Real Estate Investors who are in the business of buying

properties.  We are associated with a national network of similar professionals and have

tremendous buying power. 


We are constantly in need of a fresh and on-going supply of properties to buy.  Our

criteria are really quite simple.  We look for FSBOForeclosures, Probate, Estate, 

Vacant/Distressed Houses & Commercial Properties.  Anyone that you may know who

wants to sell is a possible lead.




How You Will Make Money 



You will make money by finding us “leads” or houses that fit our criteria.  Any house that

you find and send us the address & number for we will pay you $50, if we close on the

property.  If you send us the address of a house with a picture, we'll pay you $150 for it if

we close on the property.


Please email or call us and let us know that you would like to be placed in the Birddog

Program.  Once your registered with us, just email us any leads that you find.  We will

respond to you by letting you know that we've received your information.  Then, we'll

keep you updated and let you know if the property ends up under contract.  


We're also looking for other investors to help us network and sell our properties.  If you

find us a buyer for one of our properties, we'll split the profits.  If you are a real estate

investor who would like to be placed on our buyers list, please feel free to leave us your

information and the type of property that you are looking for.


All you need is transportation, a digital camera, and a little time on your schedule.  There

is no cost to you to join our team and you make no commitment of production nor place

any limits on the amount of money you can make.


Get Started Today by simply filling out the "Your Preferences" form.





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